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for balance + growth + abundance
includes calcite crystal

how to use: light end of bundle with match… do not blow on smudge stick to extinguish! once flame is established, tap out in fire resistant dish or bowl, leaving smoldering embers and thicc smoke. direct smoke around body or room with hands, feather, or fan. to put out, tap lit end in fire resistant dish or bowl. store in a safe, dry place out of the sun until next use.

burn on non-flammable dish and keep a window or door open. smoke is thicc.

ingredients: black sage, chaparral, mountain mint, statice, wormwood, wine-soaked citrus, baby's breath, calcite crystal.

the information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advice.

burn within sight. move children and animals to a well-ventilated area. always leave a window or door open while smudging as inhaling smoke can be hazardous to your health. while lit, do not leave unattended.

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Are your products safe?

Yeah, babe! We use natural, vegan and non-toxic ingredients like organic botanicals, soy wax, cotton wicks and essential oil scent blends with your safety in mind. Our products come in fully recyclable packaging for true sustainability.

How long do your candles burn?

Our hand-poured candles burn for up to 60 hours as long as you keep the wick trimmd and use for 5-6 hours at a time! Remeber to remove botaincals and crystals before burning.

Do you wholesale your products?

We sure do! To learn more about joining our growing list of wholesale partners around the country and get into it yuh, hit us up at